What is Cambodian Hair?


Compared to Brazilian and Indian hair, Cambodian hair tends to be more course in texture, which makes it the best bet for blending with relaxed African American hair. Cambodian hair is lightweight with lots of body and bounce, and also tends to be the more low maintenance option. 


Cambodian hair holds up very well to styling. It can hold a curl well and can withstand dyes and coloring without much damage to the quality of the hair. Name Brand Bundles offer virgin Cambodian hair extensions between 12 and 30 inches in length and in straight, loose wave, body wave, and natural wave textures , allowing for a wide range of styling options. 
If you’re looking for hair extensions that look great, feel great and is quite easy to maintain, then Cambodian hair is your best bet !


Frequently Asked Questions About Cambodian Hair
Q: How long does cambodian hair last ?
A: In term of its lifespan, it could be a year or so if you learn how to maintain it correctly. Let’s treat it as your own hair and it will live as long as possible.
Q: In average, how many hair bundles should I buy per one order?
A: It depends on your natural hair. We often suggest 2 bundles for bundles between 12 and 18 inches . For inches 20 to 30 we often suggest 3 bundles .
Q: Does the Cambodian hair appear natural? Where do you often purchace Cambodian hair ?
A: Absolutely, with magical hands of stylists, your hair would be real and awesome. The wind can blow, someone could touch your hair and you can swim, spa and sauna, whatever activities you want to participate in. It is really incredible. When it comes to the place that I often order hair extensions, I would suggest www.NameBrandBundles.com . 



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